Wednesday, February 25, 2009

LCV at Great Lakes Day

Kerry Duggan, Lt. Gov John Cherry, Lisa Wozniak

LCV staffer, Kerry Duggan (who is also on the board of the Michigan LCV) joins Michigan LCV Executive Director Lisa Wozniak for some Hill visits today for the Great Lakes Day to discuss some priorities with members of the Michigan delegation.

Yesterday, both women had lunch with Lt. Gov John Cherry (pictured above) while listening to President Obama’s new CEQ director, Nancy Sutley, lay out the President’s priorities on water. The two Michigan friends had started the day at the Great Lakes Commission’s breakfast by listening to EPA Director Lisa Jackson underscore the importance of advocacy and offer her great respect for the non-profit community.

Director Jackson’s areas of special concern centered on toxics and our waterways, especially since the Great Lakes represents 20% of Earth’s freshwater (and 90% of our country’s). Lisa and Kerry were thrilled to hear that the new EPA director looks forward to working with the NGO community.

Currently, the Great Lakes are being seriously threatened by problems such as untreated sewage, toxic pollution and invasive species. If action is not taken soon, the Great Lakes could become undrinkable, unfishable and unhealthy to swim in. The restoration of the Great Lakes will not only preserve the health and beauty of the Midwest but could serve to revitalize the economy in the region by providing green jobs.

We here at LCV value the steps the EPA is taking in the right direction and will continue to make sure environmental progress is made on one of the most important natural and economic resources we possess in this great nation.

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